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What do you need to ask during an interview with a potential employer?

Every talented specialist wants to change their workplace from time to time. It’s a very responsible yet challenging process, especially for juniors and candidates who don’t change their job often.

In these cases, you need to be attentive to all details and conditions in your future company because you spend about one-third of your life there!

I can divide all main topics into four parts:

  • Work conditions
  • Information about the project and responsibilities
  • Benefits
  • Remuneration

Let’s discuss all of them:

  • Work conditions 

Of course, in a modern post-Covid time, many IT talents have started to work remotely, but not all. Also, remember that “work conditions” mean not only remote work or office work. The term also includes:

→ Work hours

→ Time tracking

→ Meetings

→ Work trips

  •  Information about the project and responsibilities  

I notice that many people think their new job will be like the previous one, but with better conditions. This isn’t true because you could have some specific tasks, extra responsibilities, or something you didn’t even expect. Try to ask in detail what you will do every day, what could be a rare task, and so on.

  • Benefits

Here’s the most important thing about every point (with examples):

→ Days off. How many do you get? When can you take a paid vacation? After the probation period? After six months of work? From the start? Etc.

→ Sick leaves. How much time do you receive? When can you take paid sick leaves? Do you need documented proof? Etc.

→ Medical insurance. What is covered by it? What is not?

→ Technical equipment. What type of equipment will you have? How modern is it?

→ Parking place. Do you get your own?

→ Courses and professional growth. What does the company offer? What could be covered?

  •  Remuneration

First, you must be sure about your salary. Some companies also can propose lower wages during a probation period. Be sure about payment methods and payment schedules. In IT companies, you could see that the salary is fixed in an international currency like US dollars or European euros. Here you need to ask more about exchange rate methods.

 At Hire&Flare, we can support you in all of these issues to be sure that you will not have any pitfalls.

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This article was written by
Yevheniia Matrosova
COO at Hire&Flare

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