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How to avoid emotional burnout

Our emotional and psychological health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, especially for everyday work. What should you do if you feel exhausted? Will work change help you feel better? In this article, I will try to offer a few tips on how to understand your state of mind and what to do next.

The easiest way for this is to simulate a few of the most common emotions on your job and how to analyze them. Also, we’ll discuss a to-do list of actions to prevent the deterioration of this situation.

Let’s imagine that you feel exhausted or feel too nervous during the day.  What could it be? Try to ask yourself:

  • How long did I work in that company?
  • Am I satisfied with my tasks/colleagues/general environment?
  • Do I like my profession? What will be changed in another company in the same position?
  • Do I have any private problems in my family or in my life generally that interfere with me?
  • When was the last time I was on vacation?
  • Do I do too much overtime?

These could be obvious questions, but let’s discuss every one of them.

How long did I work in that company?

Sometimes, I witnessed situations where an employee knew everything about the processes, tasks, and projects in the current company. They knew each person really well. He/She had worked there for quite a long period of time. So, in this situation, the specialist thinks that there is nothing interesting about it. They think that they are caught in a trap. Especially when it’s their first company in a career. They want to see other people, processes, and even the office.

Tell the candidate your name, position, and a few words about your experience. This is important because this candidate will feel appreciated by your side, and eventually, they could become your future colleague.

Also, don’t forget to share the agenda of the interview. Skilled professionals will feel more comfortable if they know the plan of the conversation. In this part, ask a candidate to give a general overview of their previous experience.

Am I satisfied with my tasks/colleagues/general environment?

From the first look, it appears like the previous one but has a few key differences. This person likes the company. But is overqualified for their current work conditions/tasks. In this case, you can request a higher position with more challenging tasks or additional responsibilities like a mentorship.

Do I like my profession? What will be changed in another company in the same position?

It’s a very difficult decision to change profession, but we need to ask ourselves this question. We spend so much time at work – 1/3 of our lives. Are we satisfied with what we do? What would you do if you didn’t have a family, bills, or loans? In this situation, you need to create a long-term plan:

  • Can I combine my current role with a new one to receive experience?
  • What sum do I need to have for normal life during 3/6/12 months if I decide to change my work area?
  • Do I really know that a new one is interesting for me and will make me happy?

Do I have any personal problems in my family or in my life generally that interfere with my goals?

Of course, it’s reasonable because we receive energy from our families, friends, and private activities. If someone you know, or you, has an illness or major problems, it impacts your capacity and attitude to work. Yes, a lot of people say that you need to divide your personal and work lives, but you are a human, not a robot. Try to take a vacation or sick leave in those cases.

When was I on vacation the last time? Do I work too much overtime?

I want to unite these items because their impact is the same on our health and attitude to work routine. You can even hate your tasks. Work-life balance is one of the most discussed topics in our community, and it’s not strange. In pursuit of the results, we forget about our happiness. 

All of this discussion is just my own experience. I recommend you visit a psychologist who will professionally help you to understand the underlying problem!


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This article was written by
Yevheniia Matrosova
COO at Hire&Flare

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