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Case Studies

Two React developers and a DevOps engineer for Beta Trader


Beta Trader


Financial Service


New York


100+ employees


Beta Trade is an enterprise that focuses on elaborating financial services and employing a trustworthy platform founded on the blockchain.


Recognizing their urgency and challenges in traditional recruitment, we offered our services based on high communication standards, competitive pricing, and our extensive background in the IT market. Our responsiveness and ability to meet their immediate needs led to a swift decision in our favor.


Beta Trader engaged Hire&Flare to build a team consisting of 2 React Developers and a DevOps Engineer for a FinTech product in development. The challenge was to assemble a team of skilled individuals who could quickly contribute to creating this critical financial solution.


The engagement with Hire&Flare proved successful, with the timely and transparent hiring process contributing to developing essential FinTech products. The outcome was progress and a valuable partnership aligned with the company’s objectives. Our deep understanding of modern practices and market features impressed Beta Trader, providing them with valuable insights and expertise that complemented their capabilities.


Hire&Flare knows all modern practices and market features that we don't know.

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Two React developers and a DevOps engineer for Beta Trader

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